That’s why broke down the exams in revolutionary ways and hired the best tutors.

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We offer weekend or weekday classes covering various topics from IELTS, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL to Business English.

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What Makes Ultimate Education LSAT Prep so Effective?

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Customizable to You

With a highly customizable study planner plus hundreds of custom-made test prep materials, you can truly tailor your test prep

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Most Representative

Ultimate Education teaches you how your test thinks. Our exams & interface are the most representative, after the actual test, so you will be extra prepared and confident on test day.

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97th Percentile Instructors

Our courses were created by 97th+ percentile scoring GMAT and GRE instructors. Despite having lots of brain power, they have rockstar personality too.

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Score Increase Guarantee

Recent results showed students increased their test score significantly. Because we’re so confident in our methodology, we guarantee that your score will increase or your money back.

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The 3%.

In a good way.

To teach for Ultimate Education, an instructor must have three qualifications.

1) A score in the top 3 percent of GRE GMAT and SAT test-takers.
2) A Non-Indonesian degree from a reputable overseas institution
3) At least two years of teaching experience.

Of the applicants who meet these standards, only 1 in 4 are ever hired. That’s because personality matters.Not every instructor has the ability to engage a class or to explain concepts in a manner that any student can understand. Quite frankly, many do not.


Ideal for those looking to maximize their test-prep potential or push for top scores.

Welcome to Ultimate Education

Hi UltiMates!

Want to know about the classroom atmosphere at Ultimate Education? Register now and join our free trial classes.

We offer weekend or weekday classes covering various topics from IELTS, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL to Business English.

Lucky participants will also receive a free prediction test from Ultimate Education.



Just because someone can do well on a test doesn’t mean he or she can teach it effectively. Ultimate Education Review handpicks our instructors for their ability to effectively communicate, then tests them, gives them extensive training, and periodically reviews them to make sure every class meets our standards.

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ABOUT Ultimate Education INSTRUCTORS

A great test score is only the beginning.
Here’s what else you’ll need to be a phenomenal Ultimate Education instructor:

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They Are Addicted to Only Tough Challenges

The harder the challenge, the more intellectually fulfilled they feel. Our instructors look back fondly on their test prep days. They view standardized tests as solvable puzzles and relish completing them and enjoy showing people how to break down complex material so it becomes understandable and, dare we say, fun.

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They Know Tests Can Be Beaten

They believe tests are not measures of a student’s intelligence—they can be taught and learned! Everyone starts at a different level, but they are committed to empowering students to build the test-taking skills and strategies that will carry them to test day—and beyond! They coach their students to success while staying positive and encouraging.

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They Have Fun Teaching

Our instructors know how to have a good time but they’re serious about the tests. They’re as engaging on Zoom as they are in a classroom and can hold their students’ attention even through a two-hour lesson. If they’ve ever thought about giving a Ted Talk on the test preps, they’re probably a good fit.

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They Obsess Over Student Outcomes

With great power comes great responsibility. They have the ability to produce incredible outcomes for students and change their lives and they don’t take that lightly. They’re always looking to improve themselves and their teaching methods. They thrive on feedback and can’t wait to geek out about new strategies.


Ultimate Education leverages our unique content to provide the most engaging and effective prep courses. Traditionally, test preparation courses utilized dry curricula and even dryer teaching methods.

Ultimate Education was created with the philosophy of edutainment: engaging teaching methods that produce mastery of the materials. When students have fun, they learn more and perform better.

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Ultimate Education has a team of test prep experts with 97th+ percentile scores or higher on the SAT, GMAT and GRE. But we’re not just good at taking the tests — we’re also passionate about teaching you to ace the tests in the most effective way possible. We’ve taken the test-taking skills that helped us succeed and we’re passing them onto you.

Ultimate Education employs teachers with extensive classroom and tutoring experience. We’ve made sure that our lessons, honed through thousands of hours of real teaching, teach as effectively as possible.