General English for Adults is an English course program to improve basic English skills including Grammar and Vocabulary using a variety of topics that can be applied in everyday life.

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This program is intended for students who want to improve their ability to communicate in English for daily needs and is suitable for students with basic and advanced levels of ability.


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Beginner level

The best program for those of you who are new to English. In addition, you will learn to take part in conversations and express yourself in English.

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Elementary level

The program is ideal for those who are familiar with the basic structure and understand dialogues in some situations. This program aims to help you understand common words and frequently used phrases.

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Intermediate level

This program aims to help you understand English at work and in the every-day situations. This program will help you to be able to discuss general topics and write short essays without prior preparation.

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Higher Intermediate level

This program aims to help you understand complex conversations with some guidance, read contemporary essays and reports and communicate fluently with foreign speakers and write clear articles on general topics.

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Advanced level

This program will help you understand complex English conversations and long texts without guidance. Apart from that, you will also be able to explain complicated situations in detail and of course be able to write long and well-structured essays.

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Upper Advanced level

A program that will help you to communicate in various kinds of conversations accurately and express yourself in good English. Writing emails, reports or essays well using a clear and logical vocabulary will no longer be a problem.

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Aims to help students be able to use English quickly and precisely. We provide English course services with a schedule that can be adjusted to the needs of students and taught directly by the best tutors.



Learning methods are adapted to the latest trends in the field of teaching English. Classroom learning activities consist of a variety of fun but meaningful activities, with the main goal of helping participants achieve their learning goals gradually.

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Evaluation of learning progress is carried out periodically through periodic tests and final tests. Daily performance assessments are also carried out for a more comprehensive evaluation.